Present back to 1972

Compiled from postings on rec.arts.marching.drumcorps by
Mekel Rogers and Michael E. New
as well as some research from my old albums!
Liner notes courtesy of Michael E. New.
The liner notes last updated on May 29th, 1998.

Pl  Score  Corps                 Reportoire (If known)
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1)  98.700 The Cavaliers         Selections from Goldeneye-Hovercraft (from Die Another Day)-Tomorrow Never Dies
2)  98.525 Blue Devils           Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)
3)  96.825 Santa Clara Vanguard  Sheherazade
4)  95.600 The Cadets            Aqualung-Living in the Past-Thick as a Brick-Bouree-Locomotive Breath-Songs from Wood-Mother Goose-Cross-eyed Mary
5)  93.575 Phantom Regiment      Buenos Aires Hora Cero-La Muerte del Angel-Oblivion-Imagenes 676-Adios Nonino-Tres Minutos con la Realidad
6)  92.125 Bluecoats             Ride-One Day I'll Fly Away (from Moulin Rouge)-Hunting Wabbits
7)  91.225 Carolina Crown        La Boheme-Seasons of Love (from Rent)-Percussion Feature-Bohemian Rhapsody
8)  91.175 Madison Scouts        Sound Piece for Jazz Orchestra-Malaga
9)  90.525 Boston Crusaders      Introduction-Colored Rhythms-Colored Harmonies-Colored Dynamics-Colored Combinations-Closing
10) 87.600 Blue Knights          A Knight's Tale
11) 87.425 Crossmen              Jubal Step-Both Sides Now-Puma
12) 85.950 Glassmen              New World Symphony

Pl  Score  Corps                 Reportoire (If known)
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1)  98.80  Blue Devils           Concierto de Aranjuez-Take Five-Blue Rondo A La Turk-Unsquare Dance
2)  97.25  The Cavaliers         Spin Cycle
3)  97.10  The Cadets            Fanfare and Allegro-Malaguena-Rocky Point Holiday
4)  94.75  Phantom Regiment      Sanctus-Wild Nights from Harmonium-The Lord's Prayer (from King of Kings)-Ostinato (from Mikrokosmos)
5)  94.70  Santa Clara Vanguard  Orawa for Orchestra-One Man Show (from Pollock)-Anima Mundi
6)  90.95  Boston Crusaders      Bolero-Pavana (from Tres Versiones Sinfonica)-The Prayer-Concierto de Aranjuez-Spanish Fantasy-Malaguena
7)  90.75  Bluecoats             Time to Take Back the Knights-Adagio for Theresa-Mediterraneo-Libertango-Code Name: Eternity
8)  89.55  Madison Scouts        Jardin Chinois-Distorted-Atmadja-Urban-Reve Rouge-Incantation
9)  86.90  Crossmen              Somewhere Over the Rainbow-Welcome to the St. James Club-Blue Rondo A La Turk-Count Bubba
10) 86.65  Carolina Crown        Mass (from La Fiesta Mexicana)-Earth from Symphony #1-Stained Glass-Engulfed Cathedral-Carol of the Bells
11) 85.60  Magic of Orlando      Sinfonia Voci-Abram's Pursuit-Sanctus (from Bernstein's Mass)-Offertory (from Mass)-Easter Symphony
12) 84.40  Spirit of JSU         Time After Time-Time in a Bottle-Auld Lang Syne-Somewhere in Time-Whirr, Whirr, Whirr-October-Let It Be Me-Nutville-No Jive-Appalachian Morning 

Pl  Score  Corps                 Reportoire (If known)
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1)  99.15  The Cavaliers         Frameworks
2)  97.30  Blue Devils           Ragtime-I Got Rhythm-Fascinating Rhythm-House of the Rising Sun-Channel One Suite
3)  96.75  The Cadets            Times Square-The Place Where Dreams Come True-Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy-New York Memories-America The Beautiful 
4)  95.65  Santa Clara Vanguard  Trivandrum-Symphony No.2-Symphony for Organ and Orchestra (Mov 2)-Symphony for Organ and Orchestra (Mov 3)
5)  92.40  Phantom Regiment      10th Symphony, 2nd Mov-Piano Concerto No.2, 2nd Mov-Piano Concerto No.2, 1st Mov-7th Symphony, 4th Mov
    92.40  Boston Crusaders      Intro (App Spring)-The American President-Allegro (App Spring)-America-Clarinet Concerto-You Are My Star-Simple Gifts
7)  91.50  Bluecoats             Sunrise-Paradise Utopia,(Concerto for Bass Trombone)-Reflection,(Overture from Dancer in the Dark)-Pedal to the Metal
8)  91.00  Glassmen              Javelin-Millennium Symphony 
9)  89.10  Crossmen              Heat of the Day-Candle in the Window (from Civil War: Our Story in Song)-Strawberry Soup
10) 85.45  Spirit of JSU         Symphonia Resurrectus (from Easter Symphony)
11) 84.85  Magic of Orlando      The Wind and The Lion
12) 84.05  Seattle Cascades      On the Town-Profanation-Simple Song-Riffs from Prelude Fugue and Riffs-Make Our Garden Grow


1)  98.35  The Cavaliers         Four Corners
2)  97.60  The Cadets            A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra-Moondance-Vido Cor Meum-Farandole
    97.60  Blue Devils           Awayday-Fantasy Variations (on George Gershwin's Second Prelude for Piano) 
4)  95.35  Santa Clara Vanguard  The Alarm-Short Ride in a Fast Machine-Jug Blues and Fat Pickin-Variants on a Medieval Tune-New Era Dance
5)  94.30  Glassmen              Invocation to the Powerful Spirits-Impetuosamente-Concertino for Oboe and Strings-Dance of the Warriors-Pavana
6)  91.90  Phantom Regiment      Finale (Concerto For Orchestra, 5th Mov)-Game of Pairs (Concerto For Orchestra,2nd Mov)-Festive Overture
7)  91.15  Crossmen              Harlem Nocturne-Flyin' Home-Guaguanco-Fire Dance
8)  90.75  Bluecoats             Intro 2001-Candelabra Rhumba-Red Cape Tango-Tango (Finale)
9)  88.80  Boston Crusaders      Wild Nights from Harmonium-Marimba Spritual-Brothers-Gabriel's Oboe-Dance of the New World-Shakata-Original Music 
10) 86.95  Carolina Crown        Original Music-Concerto for 4 Percussion-Theme from Cider House Rules-Motown Metal
11) 86.55  Madison Scouts        The Fire and the Flame-Oh, Those Martian Blues-Symphonie Pour L'Orchestre Americain-Ballet In Brass
12) 84.90  Colts                 Sinfonia Voci-Allemande (Courtly Airs and Dances)-Non Nobis Domine (Henry V)-Battle Scene-Once More Unto the Breach


1)  97.65  Cadets                Walt Disney World's Millenium Celebration
    97.65  Cavaliers             Niagara Falls
3)  96.90  Blue Devils           Taxi Driver-Dangerous Ground-Psycho-Vertigo-North by NW
4)  94.70  Santa Clara Vanguard  Prayer #4-String Quartet #4-Adagio for Strings-Stained Glass
5)  92.35  Boston Crusaders      Bolero-Intensity-Symphonic Dance #3
6)  92.00  Blue Knights          Montage-The Essence of Time
7)  90.65  Phantom Regiment      Jeux-Petrouchka-Transfigured Night-Rite of Spring
8)  90.35  Glassmen              Gershwin Concerto in F
9)  88.55  Crossmen              In the Mood-Caravan-Nobody Does Me-Birdland
10) 85.50  Madison Scouts        The Cossack Brotherhood
11) 85.15  Carolina Crown        The Mask of Zorro
12) 84.40  Bluecoats             And on the Sixth Day-The Witch-Air Antique


1)  98.4   Santa Clara Vanguard  The Canyon-Barber Symphony #1+#2-Blue Shades
    98.4   Blue Devils           Rhythms at the Edge of Time
3)  97.0   Cavaliers             Fantasia in G-Fantasies on a Theme by Haydn
4)  96.4   Cadets                The Big Apple
5)  93.7   Glassmen              Music of Kodaly
6)  93.4   Madison Scouts        Jesus Christ Superstar
7)  92.5   Blue Knights          Trittico-Partita
8)  91.2   Phantom Regiment      Tchaikovsky Symphony #4, #5, #6
9)  88.6   Boston Crusaders      Armenian Fanfare-English/Scottish Dance-Sym Dance#3
10) 87.0   Crossmen              Blue Shades-When October Goes-Appalachian Morning
11) 86.3   Carolina Crown        Jekyll and Hyde
12) 86.0   Colts                 Verdi's Requiem-Flamma Flamma-I Believe-Voices


1)  98.4   Cadets Bergen County  Stonehenge
2)  97.9   Santa Clara Vanguard  Grohg-Dance Panels-Down A Country Lane-Hear Ye Hear Ye
3)  97.7   Blue Devils           Romeo and Juliet-West Side Story
4)  96.2   Cavaliers             Path Between the Mountains-Motto Vivo-Lento-Machine
5)  92.8   Glassmen              Music of Borodin
6)  91.9   Madison Scouts        Lupon-Swingin Pete Sweet-Remembrance
7)  91.4   Crossmen              Third Wind-Letter From Home-First Circle
8)  90.4   Phantom Regiment      Roman Carnival Overture-Pines of Rome
9)  89.5   Blue Knights          Shostakovitch#10-Tchaikovsky#6-Dvorak#9-Beethoven#9
10) 87.1   Bluecoats             The Four Seasons of Jazz
11) 85.7   Carolina Crown        Russian Christmas Music-Armenian Dances-Praise Jerusalem
12) 85.3   Colts                 Crown Him With Many Crowns-Searching for Reza-Morning


1)  98.4   Blue Devils           Casablanca-Bangkok-Night in Tunisia-As Time Goes By
2)  97.6   Cadets Bergen County  Celebration-Year of the Dragon             
3)  96.9   Santa Clara Vanguard  Lonely St-Cities Edge-City Dreams-Day in a Park-Golden Gate-Fog City Sketches
4)  94.2   Phantom Regiment      "The Ring" by Richard Wagner                 
5)  93.9   Madison Scouts        The Pirates of Lake Mendota         
6)  93.0   Crossmen              Birdland-You Are My Sunshine-Niner-Two
7)  92.8   Cavaliers             "The Firebird" by Igor Stravinsky             
8)  90.0   Glassmen              The Age of Gold: The Music of Georges Bizet
9)  88.2   Blue Knights          Music from the Sountrack of "Ben Hur" and Samuel Barber
10) 85.7   Magic of Orlando      Lil Liza Jane-Saints-Bouron St Crawl-Mass-Voodoo Magic-Do What You Wanna
11) 85.6   Bluecoats             Harlem Nocturne-Moon-You and the Night and the Music
12) 85.0   Carolina Crown        Crown Imperial-Terpsichore-Enigma Variations #9: Nimrod-Gigue

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1)  97.4   Blue Devils           Children's Hour of Dream-Desi-Tess' Theme
    97.4   Phantom Regiment      Shostakovich 4th Ballet Suite-Symphony #1+#5
3)  96.9   Cadets Bergen County  Tender Land-Tulsa-Billy the Kid-Red Pony
4)  93.8   Cavaliers             Copland Symphony 3-Pavana-Mexican Landscape
5)  92.3   Santa Clara Vanguard  La Mer-Oceans-Hanson Sea Symphony #7
6)  91.5   Madison Scouts        A Mis Abuelos-Barcelona-En Fuego-Malaguena
7)  86.3   Bluecoats             Funny Valentine-Big Day Bristol-Strike Up Band
8)  85.5   Crossmen              Sultan Fainted-Nightengale-Olive Tree-Birdland
    85.5   Magic of Orlando      Twelve Seconds to the Moon
10) 82.1   Carolina Crown        Walton Symphony #1-Enigma Variation #9
11) 81.3   Colts                 Rutter's Magnificat
12) 80.7   Blue Knights          Rocky Point Holiday-Sonoran Desert Holiday

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1)  98.3   Cavaliers             Planets (Mars-Venus-Mercury-Jupiter)
2)  97.2   Cadets Bergen County  Reivers-Born 4th of July-Blowing off Steam-Swing
3)  96.7   Blue Devils           Carpe Noctem
4)  95.4   Madison Scouts        El Toro Caliente-La Danza Pasillo-Malaga
5)  94.1   Phantom Regiment      Capriccio Bohemian-Rhapsody theme by Paganini
6)  91.9   Santa Clara Vanguard  Not the Nutcracker
7)  89.5   Bluecoats             Homefront 1945
8)  88.3   Glassmen              Jesu, Man's Desiring-Ode to Joy-Mighty Fortress
9)  86.3   Colts                 Sunday in the Park with George
10) 85.1   Crossmen              Reed's Symphony for Brass-School for Scandal
11) 82.8   Carolina Crown        Stormworks-Watermark-The Storm
12) 82.4   Magic of Orlando      Dance Animale (Sea-Land-Sky)

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1)  98.4   Blue Devils           Spanish Fantasy-Night Streets-Spanish Heart
2)  97.7   Cadets Bergen County  West Side Story
3)  96.2   Phantom Regiment      Firedance-Clare de Lune-Dangerous Ground
4)  95.7   Cavaliers             Sensemaya-Humming Chorus-War Dance-March
5)  92.3   Santa Clara Vanguard  Red October-Red Poppy-Great Gate of Kiev
6)  92.2   Madison Scouts        Santos-Cuban Overture-Malaga
7)  88.4   Blue Knights          Trittico
    88.4   Crossmen              Make Believe-Lullaby-Children Will Listen-Finale
9)  84.3   Bluecoats             Blues for Alice-Sentamental Mood-C Jam Blues
10) 83.9   Glassmen              Days of Future Passed
11) 81.5   Magic of Orlando      Cirque Fanfare and Procession-Odyssey-Shango
12) 80.1   Colts                 Smile-Pursuit-Higher+Higher-As Time Goes By

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1)  97.4   Cadets Bergen County  In the Spring-Hymnsong Philip Bliss-Ballet Sacra
2)  97.3   Star of Indiana       Medea-Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celeste
3)  96.2   Phantom Regiment      Estancia-The Fire of Eternal Glory-Death Hunt
4)  95.1   Blue Devils           Great Divide-Chain Reaction-Strawberry Soup
5)  94.0   Cavaliers             Symphonic Cantata-Heroes-Morning Alleluias
6)  91.8   Madison Scouts        Numero Uno-Strawberry Soup-Encore
7)  90.4   Santa Clara Vanguard  Dies Irea-Princes of the Tower-Bosworth Field
8)  89.6   Crossmen              Common Man-Afro Brasilia-Koto Song-Freedom
9)  87.2   Bluecoats             Things You Are-Round Midnight-Night in Tunisia
10) 85.0   Blue Knights          Mutara Nebula-Clear All Moorings-Trek VI Suite
11) 82.8   Glassmen              Sun on the Sails-Lion's Breath-Stardancer-Sailing
12) 81.6   Colts                 Winter-Summertime-Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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1)  97.5   Cavaliers             Gavorkna Fanfare-Cornish Dance-Peterloo
2)  97.0   Cadets Bergen County  To Tame the Perilous Skies
3)  96.7   Star of Indiana       Star Spangled-Chester-Amber Waves-Flag Stars
4)  95.4   Blue Devils           Cuban Fire-Suerta Tontos-Man Loves a Woman
5)  93.7   Madison Scouts        City of Angels
6)  92.2   Crossmen              Sweet Earth-4 Elements-Rain Forest-Under Sun
7)  91.8   Santa Clara Vanguard  Fiddler on the Roof
8)  91.5   Phantom Regiment      God Save the Czar-Le Marsellaise-1812 Overture
9)  90.0   Blue Knights          Billy the Kid-Rodeo-Chorale and Shaker Dance
10) 86.6   Velvet Knights        Mystery Tour-Brazil-Trepek-Hungarian Dance #2
11) 84.6   Bluecoats             Symphonic Beatles
12) 83.1   Freelancers           Walton Symphony #1


1)  97.0   Star of Indiana       Pines of Rome-Fountains of Rome
2)  96.3   Cavaliers             Emmanuel-Te Deum-Die Natali-Bridegroom
3)  95.4   Phantom Regiment      Nessun Dorma-Vesti la giubba-Bacchanale
4)  94.4   Santa Clara Vanguard  Miss Saigon
5)  93.8   Blue Devils           Adventures in Time-Bird and Bela in B-flat
6)  93.7   Cadets Bergen County  Short Ride-Letter from Home-Prelude, fugue+riffs
7)  92.0   Madison Scouts        City of Angels
8)  89.7   Crossmen              Pat Metheny-Minuano-Dream of Return-3rd Wind
9)  87.7   Blue Knights          Savannah River Holiday-Outdoor Overture
10) 86.4   Freelancers           Hodie-Bartok Dance Suite-The Kiss-Bells
11) 84.4   Bluecoats             Nutville-Palookaville-Whiter Shade of Pale
12) 82.9   Sky Ryders            Camelot


1)  97.7   Cadets Bergen County  Candide-Mass-Somewhere-Fancy Free Ballet
2)  96.9   Cavaliers             Medieval Suite-Bright+Beautiful-Clap your Hands
3)  96.5   Star of Indiana       Belshazzar's Feast
4)  95.3   Blue Devils           Tommy
4)  95.3   Phantom Regiment      Organ Symphony-Carnival of Animals-Baccanale
6)  94.0   Santa Clara Vanguard  Carmen
7)  89.6   Crossmen              Baroque Samba-Midnight-Caravan-Now or Never
8)  89.2   Bluecoats             Caravan-Got it Bad-Don't Get Around-That Swing
9)  88.7   Madison Scouts        Lemon Squeeze-Remembrance-I Can Cook Too
10) 87.3   Velvet Knights        Summertime-School's Out-Slow Burn-Summer '42
11) 83.4   Spirit of Atlanta     Gone With the Wind-The Color Purple
12) 82.2   Dutch Boy             Frank and Sammy


1)  98.8   Santa Clara Vanguard  Phantom of the Opera
2)  98.4   Phantom Regiment      New World Symphony
3)  97.2   Cavaliers             Gloria-Images de Oblique
4)  95.9   Blue Devils           Ya Gotta Try-If We were in Love-Jonny One Note
5)  95.6   Cadets Bergen County  Les Miserables
6)  95.3   Star of Indiana       Henry V-Holst Second Suite-Crown Imperial
7)  93.6   Madison Scouts        Make His Praise Glorious-Slaughter on 10th Ave
8)  90.3   Bluecoats             Jonny One Note-Funny Valentine-Sing Sing Sing
9)  88.0   Suncoast Sound        Florida Suite
10) 87.3   Freelancers           E.T.-Empire of the Sun 
11) 87.0   Velvet Knights        Yo Mambo-Night in Tunisia-Sing Sing Sing
12) 84.0   Crossmen              Wind Machine-The Waltz-How High the Moon


1)  97.1   Madison Scouts        Concerto for Guitar + Jazz Orchestra-Malaguena
2)  96.9   Santa Clara Vanguard  Phantom of the Opera
3)  96.3   Blue Devils           Happy Days-Black Magic-Goodbye Yesterday-Since I Fell
4)  96.1   Garfield Cadets       Copland Symphony #3
5)  95.1   Cavaliers             Firebird Suite
6)  93.5   Phantom Regiment      Romeo and Juliet
7)  92.8   Star of Indiana       Porgy and Bess
8)  90.6   Velvet Knights        Magical Mystery Tour-Zorba-Malaguena-Back to the USA
9)  89.3   Spirit of Atlanta     Petrushka
10) 89.1   Suncoast Sound        Symphonic Dances for the Contemporary Child
11) 86.7   Bluecoats             Old Black Magic-Take Five-Autumn Leaves
12) 85.1   Sky Ryders            Sound of Music


1)  97.9   Garfield Cadets       Appalachian Spring
2)  97.8   Santa Clara Vanguard  Russian Xmas Music-Pictures at an Exhibition
3)  94.7   Cavaliers             Festival Variations-Korean Folk Song-Litrurgical Dances
4)  94.4   Blue Devils           Fanfare New-Harlem Nocturne-Free-Spanish Dreams
5)  94.3   Phantom Regiment      "Winter Palace"-Swan Lake-Nutcracker Suite
6)  90.4   Madison Scouts        Captain Castille-American in Paris-Stars+Stripes
7)  90.0   Star of Indiana       Barnum&Bailey's-Circus Suite-Thunder&Blazes
    90.0   Velvet Knights        Magical Mystery-China Town-Brazil-Beach Boy's Medley
9)  88.8   Suncoast Sound        My Fair Lady
10) 87.6   Spirit of Atlanta     Southern Medley-Basin Street Blues-Amazing Grace
11) 85.7   Bluecoats             Bye, Bye Blues-Autumn Leaves-Body and Soul
12) 81.9   Sky Ryders            West Side Story


1)  98.4   Blue Devils           Channel 1 Suite-Conquistador-Spanish Fantasy/Chick Corea Suite
2)  97.0   Santa Clara Vanguard  Festive Overture-Pictures at an Exhibition
3)  95.7   Cavaliers             Canzona-Korean Folk Song-Mars
4)  95.6   Garfield Cadets       On the Waterfront-Wonderful Town
5)  94.8   Suncoast Sound        Kenton's Adventures in Time   
6)  94.1   Spirit of Atlanta     Spirit Medley-That Cat-Georgia Brown-Precious Lord-God's Trying to Tell 
7)  91.3   Madison Scouts        Alex's Rag-Harlem Suite-Starlight Express   
8)  90.5   Star of Indiana       E.T.-Close Encounters-Star Wars    
9)  87.0   Sky Ryders            Wizard of Oz    
10) 85.0   Phantom Regiment      Carnival Overture-Alborada-Sir Lancelot/Merlin-Finale 2nd Sym
11) 83.5   Troopers              Silverado-Prayer-Fanfare-Red Pony-Battle Hymn        
12) 82.6   Velvet Knights        James Bond-Russia with Love-Goldfinger-Live &Let Die-Your Eyes Only


1)  98.4   Garfield Cadets       Jeremiah-Make Our Garden Grow-Candide
2)  97.2   Santa Clara Vanguard  Festive Overture-Tender Land-Red Pony
3)  97.1   Blue Devils           Lofecraft Earth-Karn Evil 9-First Circle
4)  95.0   Madison Scouts        Ballet in Brass-Rhapsody in Blue
5)  94.1   Cavaliers             Planets (Mars-Mercury-Uranus-Jupiter)
6)  92.7   Suncoast Sound        Florida Suite
7)  91.0   Spirit of Atlanta     Gershwin Concerto in F
8)  90.1   Phantom Regiment      Symphonie Fantastique
9)  86.7   Troopers              Symphonic Dance#3-Copland#3-Buckaroo Holiday
10) 85.8   Star of Indiana       When You Wish-Zipidydodah-It's a Small World
11) 85.3   Velvet Knights        Peter Gunn-NBC-Chimes Festival
12) 83.2   Freelancers           Immanuel-Minotaur-Island-Forest-Bells


1)  98.0   Garfield Cadets       West Side Story
2)  97.9   Blue Devils           Bacchanalia-Latin Implosion-Karn Evil 9-La Fiesta-Like a Lover
3)  97.4   Santa Clara Vanguard  Fanfare and Allegro-On the Town-Tender Land
4)  95.6   Phantom Regiment      Scythian Suite-Armenian Dances-1812 Overture
5)  94.6   Madison Scouts        Ballet in Brass-Waltz of Mushroom Hunters-Memories
6)  93.1   Spirit of Atlanta     Porgy and Bess-Blues in the Night-No One Together
7)  92.0   Suncoast Sound        Six O.S.-Aquarius-Requiem-Satisfaction-America
8)  89.7   Cavaliers             Don Juan-Summer Sketches-Ozark-Pines of Rome
9)  88.8   Freelancers           Power Suite-Genji-Born Again
10) 86.3   Crossmen              Russlan and Ludmilla-Shoshana-Conto del Viento-Let Me Try again
11) 85.6   27th Lancers          Henry V-Eric's Theme-Indian Lady-Ludwig-Yentl
12) 83.2   Velvet Knights        NBC Chimes Festival-Centurion Starfire-Seaside Samba-All Night Long


1)  94.40  Garfield Cadets       Rocky Point Holiday-Mass
2)  93.80  Blue Devils           T.O.-Everybody Loves the Blues-One More Time
3)  92.75  Santa Clara Vanguard  Sym #3, On the Town- Appalachian Spring
4)  91.45  Phantom Regiment      Tchaikovsky Suite
5)  86.45  Madison Scouts        Colas Breugnon Overture- Strawberry Soup-Memory
6)  86.05  Suncoast Sound        Time Out- Spanish Gypsy- Casino-Aquarias-Greatest Love
7)  83.60  Spirit of Atlanta     Los Hermanos De Bop- Blues in the Night-Were the Reason  
8)  81.65  Freelancers           Breaking Up is Hard to Do- Lover Come Back-Intro-Even Now   
9)  80.55  Cavaliers             Jade-Celebration Suite-Rendezvous-Pines of Rome
10) 79.65  27th Lancers          Orb and Scepter-Camelot-Sea Song-Danny Boy 
11) 77.70  Bridgemen             Duke Ellington Suite
12) 73.75  Sky Ryders            Home on the Range-Que Sabe-La Virgen-Here's/Day-Over the Rainbow

           1983 Liner Notes:  Orange Bowl- Miami, Florida.  The Garfield Cadets became the 
           first Eastern corps to win the championship, with an abstract drill that 
           redefined the genre.  The Cadets had tied the Blue Devils for the tops corps in 
           prelims.  Suncoast Sound placed in the finals for the first time, with a closer 
           featuring sign language.  The Cavaliers performed an opener specially comissioned 
           from an alum for its 35th anniversary.  The Bridgemen established a DCI record by 
           scoring 47.15 earlier in the year and still making finals.  
           Trivia fact:  The 20.65 point spread between 1st and 12th place corps in finals 
           is the greatest in DCI history. 


1)  95.25  Blue Devils           T.O.-Pegasus-One More Time-The Competition
2)  93.55  Santa Clara Vanguard  Giannini#3-Capriccio Espagnole-Slava-App Spring
3)  92.25  Garfield Cadets       Rocky Point Holiday-Concerto in F
4)  92.15  Phantom Regiment      Spartacus
5)  90.75  Madison Scouts        Slaughter 10th ave-Strawberry Soup-Eyes of Love
6)  88.65  27th Lancers          Seahawk-Niner Two-Blue Rondo-Gaite Parisienne-Danny Boy
7)  88.05  Crossmen              Artistry in Rhythm-Shoshana-Conto del Bianto-Russian Xmas Music
8)  86.15  Bridgemen             Shaft-Sophisticated Ladies-Black Market Juggler-Broadway Medley
9)  85.80  Freelancers           Sunshine of My Life-Recuerdos-Genji-Even Now
10) 83.10  Sky Ryders            Faces-Que Sabe/Macarena-Dr. Macumba-Come In/Over the Rainbow
11) 81.95  Cavaliers             Pines Rome-Spyro Gyra-City-I've Had Enough/Ai No Corrida-Softly
12) 81.65  Spirit of Atlanta     Sunshine/Happy Day/Sunshine-Blue Rondo-Reason-Georgia

           1982 Liner Notes:  Olympic Stadium- Montreal, Quebec.  The Blue Devils won all 
           23 contests it entered, becoming the first World Class corps in DCI history to 
           enjoy an undefeated season.  The Santa Clara Vaqnguard surprised everyone by 
           throwing in "Bottle Dance" during finals, creating an uproar in the audience that 
           drowned out the corps' ability to hear itself.  The Garfield Cadets moved up two 
           spots from prelims to become a first-time contender.  The Bridgemen won Best 
           Percussion for the third year in a row.  The Sky Ryders became a first-time 
           finalist with a large trademark rainbow prop.
           Trivia fact:  The 1982 finals was the first to witness all corps scoring over 
           80 points.


1)  94.00  Santa Clara Vanguard  Northridge-Young Person's Guide-Slava-Evita
2)  93.70  Blue Devils           Ya Gotta Try-NY Fantasy-One More Time Chuck Corea-La Danse-Dindi
3)  92.60  Madison Scouts        Numero Uno-Malaguena-Down Wind-Through Eyes of Love
4)  91.90  27th Lancers          Crown Imperial-New Country-Niner Two-Greatest Love-Danny Boy
5)  90.85  Phantom Regiment      Spartacus
6)  90.80  Bridgemen             Thunder&Blazes-In the Stone-West Side Story
7)  89.40  Garfield Cadets       Adventures in Time-Fire Dance-Elk's Parade-Egyptain-Pieces of Dreams
8)  86.50  Crossmen              Explsions-Something-Spanish Fantasy-Bustline-Rocky II
9)  83.85  Spirit of Atlanta     Georgia-Old Man River-Blue Skies-Devil went Down-Let It Be Me
10) 82.80  Cavaliers             Picasso Suite-Sing,Sing,Sing-Sambandero Swing-Softly as I Leave You
11) 78.25  Freelancers           You Are the Sunshine of My Life-I Get Crazy-Malaga-Even Now
12) 78.10  Troopers              Cowboys-Turkey in the Straw-Central Park-En Sueno-Shenandoah/Battle

           1981 Liner Notes:  Olympic Stadium- Montreal, Quebec.  For the first time, half 
           the corps in finals scored in the 90's.  The grounded percussion front line "pit" 
           became popular.  The Blue Devils placed only .3 behind the SCV while finishing 9th 
           in percussion (1.6 behind SCV's line and 2.0 behind the Bridgemen).  SCV's 
           performance of "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" marked the third time the 
           corps had won with the piece in its repertoire (1973, 1974, 1981).  
           Trivia Fact:  The Santa Clara Vanguard is the only corps in DCI histroy to win the 
           championship after not being a top-six corps the year before.

           View the 1981 Finals Recaps

1)  90.60  Blue Devils           NY fantasy-Ya Gotta Try-Pegasus-Free-Suerte Tontos-Pauper-Dindi
2)  90.25  27th Lancers          Folk Song Suite-Open Wide-20th Century-New Country-Danny Boy       
3)  90.05  Bridgemen             Thunder&Blazes-In the Stone-Big Noise-War Between the States 
4)  89.80  Spirit of Atlanta     Georgia/Old Man-Devil Went Down-Georgia Brown-Let It Be Me 
5)  88.45  Phantom Regiment      Easter Overture-Romany Life-Polovestian Dances-Galop-Carmen
6)  87.05  Madison Scouts        They're Playing Our Song-Malaguena-New Country-Eyes of Love    
7)  85.60  Santa Clara Vanguard  Sym #4 -Procession-Stone Ground Seven-Evita-Jupiter
8)  81.90  Crossmen              Pictures of Spain-Tiger of San Pedro-Spanish Fantasy-Superman 
9)  77.40  Cavaliers             Santa Esmerelda-Sun Catchers-Sing,Sing,Sing-Sambandero-Softly
10) 76.45  Garfield Cadets       One Voice-Fernando's Fantasy-Fire Dance-Elk's Parade-Eyes of Love
11) 74.05  North Star            Chidren of Sanchez-Bellavia-Where am I Going-Cookout-Still-One
12) 72.90  Guardsmen             Seahawk-Tiger of San Pedro-Xylophonia-The Wasps-Greensleeves

           1980 Liner Notes:  Legion Field - Birmingham, Alabama.  A margin of only 0.8 
           seperated the top four corps at finals.  Both the 27th Lancers, coming off a 
           performance at the Winter Olympics, and the Bridgemen, came close to becoming 
           the first Eastern corps to win the title.  The Santa Clara Vanguard stunned the 
           drum corps world with the first use of asymmetrical drill and placed out of the 
           top three for the first time in DCI history.  However, the corps also became 
           noted, due to Blue Stars not making finals, as the only corps to be a DCI World 
           Finalis every year.
           Trivia Fact:  1980 marked the only time five different corps shared the four 
           high caption scores.  (There was a tie for high percussion.)


1)  93.55  Blue Devils           Chicago 3 Suite-Suerta de Tontos-My Heart Belongs to Me
2)  92.75  Phantom Regiment      Finale Sym #3-Malambo-Piano Concerto-Hall Mtn King-Elsa
3)  92.75  Santa Clara Vanguard  Verdi's Requiem-Gayne Ballet Suite-If you Believe-Bottle Dance
4)  89.90  Spirit of Atlanta     Georgia-Nuttville-Sweet GA Brown-Let it Be Me
5)  86.40  27th Lancers          Folk Song Suite-Open Wide-Danny Boy
6)  86.20  Bridgemen             Pagliacci-Spanish Dreams-Cachaca-Bugle Boy-Civil War Medley
7)  85.30  Guardsmen             Fanfare for the New-Tiger of San Pedro-Henry V-Greensleeves
8)  84.50  Madison Scouts        Sorcerer-Bohemian Rhapsody-Grananda-Pieces of Dreams
9)  83.30  North Star            Children of Sanchez-Bellavia-Ole-Cookout-Beach Boys Medley
10) 83.05  Blue Stars            St Louis Blues-Birdland-La Fiesta-Strike Up the Band-Sanchez
11) 78.50  Cavaliers             Santa Esmerelda-Fantasy-Cuban Fire-Over the Rainbow-Sanchez
12) 77.90  Troopers              Variations-Aquarius-Sunshine In-Billy the Kid-Ecstasy/Riders
           1979 Liner Notes:  Legion Field - Birmingham, Alabama.  The DCI World 
           Champinoships went South for the first time.  The Blue Devils came within 0.1 of 
           a perfect G.E. score while increasing the spread to 0.8 from 0.1 over Phantom 
           Regiment in prelims.  Of the first five corps to appear in finals, three played 
           "Children of Sanchez."  Bridgemen's 'Gong Show' spoof left the audience in 
           hysterics.  The Troopers became a finalist and the Crossmen fell out, after 
           placying 16th and 6th at DCI Midwest, respectively.  
           Trivia Fact:  Though two of the corps were not 1978 finalists, the 1979 DCI World 
           Finals was the first in which all corps had been previous finalists.

1)  91.55  Santa Clara Vanguard  Overture to a New Era-Gayne Ballet Suite-If You Believe-Bottle Dance
2)  91.45  Phantom Regiment      Firebird-Rite of Spring-Petrouchka-Scherzo Ruse
3)  91.20  Blue Devils           Chicago 3-Spanish Fantasy-One-Eyed Sailor
4)  89.55  Madison Scouts        Malaguena-God Bless the Child-Star Wars
5)  87.65  Bridgemen             Sabredance-Harlem Nocturne-Spanish Dreams
6)  86.50  Spirit of Atlanta     Walking the Stairs-Higher+Higher-Let it Be Me
7)  84.75  27th Lancers          Toreador March-Celebrate-Can Can
8)  84.60  Blue Stars            Malaga-Hava Nagila-Come in from Rain-Espana
9)  82.45  Crossmen              Jazz Rhapsody-Something-Russian Xmas Music
10) 81.35  North Star            Star Wars-Ole'-Sir Duke-The Approaching Storm
11) 80.75  Guardsmen             Oh Britannia-British Folk Songs-Tchaikovsky#4
12) 77.25  Kilties               Favorite Things-Battle Cry-Billy Kid-Lang Syne
           1978 Liner Notes:  Mile High Stadium - Denver, Colorado.  The 0.1 by which the 
           Santa Clara Vanguard edged the Phantom Regiment was the smallest DCI World 
           Championship winning margin to date.  The Vanguard had placed 4th at DCI Midwest.  
           The finals audience stood from Spirit of Atlanta's company front push during 
           "Let It Be Me" through the  entire last minute of the show.  North Star was a new 
           finalist and the Bridgemen successfully rebounded after a 1977 disqualification.  
           The Kilties were no longer an all-male corps.
           Trivia Fact:  The Spirit of Atlanta, in only its second year of competition, won 
           the brass execution caption and placed among the top six finalists.

           View the 1978 Finals Recaps

1)  92.05  Blue Devils           Channel One Suite-Spanish Fantasy-Rocky
2)  90.30  Phantom Regiment      Dvorak#9-Paliacci-Bumblebee-Beethoven#9
3)  89.85  Santa Clara Vanguard  Overture to a New Era-Appalachian Spring-Make Our Garden Grow
4)  D.Q.   Bridgemen             Yes, We have no Bananas-Pagliacci-Land of Make Believe-Big Apple Medley-What I Did For Love-William Tell Overture  
5)  87.45  27th Lancers          Rocky-Gaite Parisienne-Danny Boy
6)  87.30  Madison Scouts        New York, New York-West Side Story
7)  84.30  Blue Stars            Hava Nagila-Planets-If you Believe-Soulero
8)  83.00  Cavaliers             Man of LaMancha - Porgy and Bess
9)  82.40  Capital Freelancers   Wedding March-Toccata-Adventures in Time-Conquistador-Bellavia
    82.40  Seneca Optimists      Mahler#7-Children Dance-West Side Story-Pippin
11) 81.80  Kilties               McDuffy March-Heaven on their Minds-Pagliacci
12) 81.30  Crossmen              March Slav-Nadia's Theme-Russian Xmas Music
13) 78.15  Garfield Cadets       Rite Spring-Star Trek-Pieces of Dreams-Echano

           1977 Liner Notes:  Mile High Stadium - Denver, Colorado.  The Blue Devils defended 
           its title, being just .1 from a perfect 30.0 G.E. score, despite the fact that 70% 
           of the members caught the flu prior to finals.  The corps only lost one show all 
           season - DCI West prelims to the SCV.  The Phantom Regiment became the dominant 
           Midwest power and almost knocked off the Devils in prelims.  The Crossmen made 
           finals for the first time.  The Oakland Crusaders didn't make finals despite 
           having the top drum line in Prelims.
           Trivia Fact:  The Garfield Cadets taught all of its guard members to play horns 
           for the "I Don't Know How to Love Him" closer, which ended with a vocalized, 

           View the 1977 Finals Recaps

1)  92.70  Blue Devils           Channel 1 Suite-One Eyed Sailor-Chase Clouds
2)  90.70  Madison Scouts        Stars+Stripes-Rhapsody in Blue-Way we Were
3)  89.50  Santa Clara Vanguard  Harry Janus Suite-Appalachian Spring-Black Orchid-Send in the Clowns 	
4)  87.75  Phantom Regiment      Mahler#7-Tchaikovsky#6-Toccata/Fugue-Pilgrim
5)  85.00  27th Lancers          Crown Imperial-Fanfare Prelude-Danny Boy
6)  84.90  Bridgemen             William Tell-Make Believe-Stars+Stripes-One
7)  84.30  Cavaliers             Russian Sailors Dance-Porhy+Bess-Firebird
8)  82.10  Oakland Crusaders     Swan Lake-Malaga-Sing, Sing, Sing-Gato Triste
9)  80.35  Blue Stars            Jaws-Echano-Malaguena-SWAT-Bellavia-Soulero
10) 78.80  Seneca Optimists      Mahler#7-Farandole-Indian Lady-Rode Ode
11) 77.90  Capital Freelancers   Commencement-I Got Rhythum-Fav.Things-Bellavia-Span.Dreams
12) 74.25  Guardsmen             Moorside-Final Analysis-Chorale+Shaker Dance

           1976 Liner Notes:  Franklin Field - University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, 
           Penn.  The Blue Devils became the first corps to win all captions at a DCI Finals, 
           while remaining the youngest corps, in only its sixth season of competition, to 
           win the DCI World Championship.  The Madison Scouts placed second after throwing 
           out its entire show early in the season.  The symphonically-styled SCV shocked the 
           audience with a rock concert standstill.  The Bridgemen did likewise with a 
           mass-corps "faint" at the end of its show in finals.
           Trivia Fact:  The Blue Devils' opener, Channel One Suite, at seven minutes in 
           length, was the longest single musical selection played by a corps to date.
           View the 1976 Finals Recaps

1)  92.50  Madison Scouts        Slaughter-Rhapsody in Blue-Banjo-Way we Were
2)  91.00  Santa Clara Vanguard  Emperor&Court-Dance og the Buffoons-Fiddler on the Roof
3)  88.60  Blue Devils           What's Hip-One-Eyed Sailor-Chase Clouds Away
4)  88.05  27th Lancers          Crown Imperial-Chameleon-Celebrate-Danny Boy
5)  87.50  Blue Stars 	         Canzona-Been Searching-Billy the Kid-Soulero
6)  86.00  Oakland Crusaders     Swan Lake-Jupiter-Malaga-El Gato Triste
7)  85.30  Kilties               Carmina Burana-Beethoven#5-Auld Lang Syne
8)  82.95  Cavaliers             Russian Xmas-Somewhere-Over the Rainbow
9)  82.40  Royal Crusaders       Hallelujah-Amazing Grace-Old Time Religion
10) 81.30  Phantom Regiment      Hungarian #5-Seville-American in Paris-Pilgrim
11) 80.55  Garfield Cadets       Mtn King-Common Man-Lincoln-In Mood-Romeo
12) 76.20  Troopers              Gentle on Mind-Bald Mtn-Virginian-Promisedland

           1975 Liner Notes:  Franklin Field - Univeristy of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, 
           Penn.  The SCV's 91.00 2nd place score was the highest DCI finals score ever
           announced up to that moment.  The Madison Scouts won with a score of 92.5 based 
           on the strength of their horn line.  The 27th Lancers, after falling out of finals 
           in 1974, stormed back with a vengeance and some novel firsts, including a back 
           corner entrance and double flags.  The Oakland Crusaders placed among the top half 
           of finalists in a first year of merger and Garfield Cadets became a first time 
           Trivia Fact:  In Finals, the SCV earned the only perfect G.E. score (10.0's in all 
           three captions) in DCI history.

           View the 1975 Finals Recaps

1)  89.50  Santa Clara Vanguard  Die Gotterdammerung-Young Person's Guide-Candide-Night Music-Weekend in Country-Send in the Clowns
2)  88.85  Madison Scouts        Ballet in Brass-Slaughter 10th ave-Brian's Song
3)  88.55  Kingsmen              Symphony Fantastique-Artistry Rhythm-Firebird
4)  86.95  Muchachos             Espana-Rodeo-Malaguena-A Very Good Year
5)  85.65  Troopers              Ghost Riders in Sky-Yellow Rose-Day by Day
6)  85.25  Kilties               McDuffy-Karn Evil9-Chattanooga-Auld Lang Syne
7)  79.95  Delasalle Oaklands    Pictures Exhibition-Channel 1 Suite-Sheik Araby
8)  79.55  Cavaliers             Carmen-Victory at Sea-Tommy-Over the Rainbow
9)  78.15  Blue Devils           Porgy+Bess-One-eyed Sailor-Lady Sings Blues
10) 77.15  Purple Lancers        War+Peace-Cakewalk-La Fiesta Mexicana
11) 76.25  Phantom Regiment      Festive-Shostakovich#5-Bald Mtn-Romeo+Juliet
12) 75.70  Blue Stars 	         Tiger Rag-El Cid-Conquest-Mtn King-Light Fire

           1974 Liner Notes:  Schoellkopf Stadium - Cornell University - Ithaca, New York.
           Keyboard instruments are allowed in competition for the first time, (a total of 
           two, which had to be carried at all times).  Drill had become substantially more 
           curvilinear in design.  The SCV staved off a challenge by the prelims winner, 
           Madison Scouts.  The Phantom Regiment and the Blue Devils both became DCI World 
           Finalists for the first time.  The Blue Devils climbing to 9th, after finishing 
           24th the previous year.
           Trivia Fact:  The first perfect score in DCI history was awarded to the Madison 
           Scouts at the World Championship Finals when its horn line received a 10.0 in 
           General Effect.

           View the 1974 Finals Recaps

1)  88.65  Santa Clara Vanguard  Fanfare&Allegro-Young Perdon's Guide-Fiddler on the Roof
2)  86.15  Troopers              Ghost Riders in the Sky-Day by Day-Battle Hymn
3)  85.50  Blue Stars            Holst Suite-Battle Hymn-Malaga-Conquest
4)  83.55  Madison Scouts        Ballet in Brass-God Bless the Child-Brian's Song
5)  82.95  Kilties               McDuffy March-America-Eli's Comin-Lang Syne
6)  82.65  Kingsmen              Holts Suite-Sabre Dance-Sing, Sing, Sing--El Cid
7)  79.40  27th Lancers          Crown Imperial-Rawhide-Shenandoah-Danny Boy
8)  79.30  Muchachos             Malaguena-Rodeo-La Mancha-Impossible Dream
9)  78.65  St Andrews Bridgemen  William Tell-Favorite Things-Free-Summer of 42
10) 75.75  Black Knights         Crown Imperial-Get it On-Russian Sailor-Mancha
11) 73.15  Argonne Rebels        Fanfare for the New-Malaga-Stars+Stripes
12) 72.25  Commodores            Russian Sailors-Navy Hymn-Celebrate-My Way

           1973 Liner Notes:  Warhawk Stadium - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 
           Wisconsin.  The DCI World Championships returned to Whitewater for the last 
           time.  The Santa Clara Vanguard had won 24 out of 25 competitions during the
           season, including the Championship finals, despite being beaten in horn
           execution by the 18th place Purple Lancers in prelims.  The 2.5 spread enjoyed 
           by the SCV over the 2nd place Troopers remains the largest margin by which a 
           DCI World Champion has won its title.
           Trivia Fact:  The Argonne Rebels won top horns in prelims with 23 female players 
           out of 60 horns, the first DCI finalist to march more than 20 female players in 
           a horn section.

           View the 1973 Finals Recaps

1)  88.10  Kingsmen              Holst Suite-Mickey Mouse-Sing-Riyual Firedance
2)  87.45  Blue Stars            Holst Suite-Norwegian Wood-Scarborough Fair
3)  87.35  Santa Clara Vanguard  Fanfare+Allegro-Henry V-Fiddler on the Roof
4)  86.00  27th Lancers          Wee Mac Gregor-Loch Lomond-Danny Boy      
5)  82.90  Argonne Rebels        Barnum+Bailey-JC Superstar-Stars+Stripes
6)  81.95  Troopers              Ghost Riders-Battle Hymn-Johnny Comes Home
7)  81.25  Des Plaines Vanguard  Mars-Jupiter-West Side Story-Hair
8)  81.20  Kilties               Black Bear-America-Pictures-Auld Lang Syne
9)  79.45  Cavaliers             Carmen-1 Hand 1 Heart-Rigby-Over the Rainbow
10) 78.45  Muchachos             Fiesta Mexicana-Matador-Fanfare Common Man
11) 75.40  St Andrews Bridgemen  Freakout-Triumphal March-Free-Summer of 42
12) 73.95  Bleu Raiders          Camptown Races-Proud Mary-Walk Up Stairs
           1972 Liner Notes:  Warhawk Stadium - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 
           Wisconsin.  Only 51 corps participated in the first DCI World Championship.  
           The Kingsmen almost didn't make it out on tour and had competed only once
           prior to July 21.  The corps was defeated six out of seven times by the Blue 
           Stars (including the DCI World Prelims), but managed to win the seventh 
           meeting, the DCI World Championship Finals.  An intense thunderstorm 
           disrupted the finale, sending many fans away without knowing the results. 
           Trivia Fact:  The Bleu Raiders' performance in finals was only the 18th in the 
           corps' history and remains the quickest ascent ever to a DCI finals position.

           View the 1972 Finals Recaps

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