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The Sound Machine Archive Presents
1999 Drum Corps International Photos

2000 DCI Photo Gallery #1

Below is a Gallery of photos taken by yours truely at the DCI Pacific Shows in June 2000.
I got a new Kodac DC265 digital camera and I also used my regular SLR with film. The digial shots did not fair well after the sun went down. Maybe I just need to learn how to manipulate the settings on the carmera better? I got a lot of motion blur on many photos, and sometimes it looks pretty cool. Taking photos at the Riverside show was a real problem since they installed extra bleacher seats on the track for the show. There was no room to walk on the track to get position for any shots without blocking the view of dozens of paying customers, so I just gave up and sat down in the bleachers and hoped for the best. The lighting was bad so the best was not very good.
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Legend of Texas




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Blue Devils "B"


Vanguard Cadets



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