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2002 Drum Corps International Media/Photos

2002 DCI Media/Photo Gallery #1

Below is a Gallery of videos taken by yours truely at the DCI Pacific Show on June 22, 2002. It was the first show for all of these corps. I got a new Canon GL1 digital video camera and decided to try it out. I wanted to keep the video and sound quality good without making the file sizes too large, so I split the videos of each corps into sections depending on the flow of the show. The videos are still pretty big, but since most of you are used to downloading large MP3 files these should be OK. But, if you are connected by a 56K dail-up, try downloading just one portion of each show. You will need the Quicktime 5 plugin to view these videos. Send any comments or questions to:

Click on a thumbnail to view the video! Download the QuickTime Plug-in
Southern California Dream

File size is 4.9 MB   File size is 3.2 MB   File size is 9.0 MB   File size is 9.4 MB

San Diego Alliance

File size is 11.9 MB   File size is 8.8 MB   File size is 8.5 MB


File size is 10.6 MB   File size is 9.3 MB   File size is 15.6 MB


File size is 7.4 MB   File size is 13.2 MB   File size is 16.1 MB   File size is 1.4 MB

Pacific Crest

File size is 17.4 MB   File size is 11.3 MB   File size is 13.5 MB

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