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The Sound Machine Archive Presents
1998 Drum Corps International Scores
Scores Were Last Updated on Sunday September 6, 1998

Listed are the show dates, the scores will be filled in as they are available.
Feel free to print or copy these scores, after all, they're for you!
Recaps are courtesy of DCI's Offical Web Site!
If you visit often, hit "Reload" to refresh the scores on this page!
Send any scores, reviews, comments or questions to:

Sunday September 6
Allentown, PA (DCA Championships)
Open Class Finals

97.9 Empire Statesmen
96.3 Syracuse Brigadiers
95.0 Hawthorne Caballeros
93.5 Reading Buccaneers
92.8 Minnesota Brass
89.5 Sunrisers
87.7 Connecticut Hurricanes
85.2 Harrison Bushwackers
82.1 Kingston Grenadiers
80.9 Racine Kilties



Statesmen - Brass, Percussion(Tie), Visual, GE, & Color Guard
Caballeros - Honor Guard & Drum Major
Buccaneers - Percussion(Tie)
Kilties - Showmanship
Brigadiers - Best Pit Soloist(Mike DiMeo)

Saturday September 5
Allentown, PA (DCA Championships)
Open Class Pre-Lims

95.9 Empire Statesmen
94.6 Brigadiers
92.8 Caballeros
92.3 Buccaneers
90.4 Minnesota Brass
87.8 Sunrisers
87.6 Hurricanes
83.8 Bushwackers (2 pt pen)
82.4 Grenadiers
82.1 Kilties
80.5 Crusaders
70.7 Chieftains

Allentown, PA (DCA Championships)
Class A Finals

74.4 Heat Wave (Tie)
74.4 Generations (Tie)
71.7 Les Dynamiques
66.1 Grey Knights

Saturday August 29
West Haven, CT (DCA)

92.5 Caballeros
88.1 Sunrisers
86.7 Hurricanes
83.7 Bushwackers
67.2 Generations
64.3 Chieftains

Endicott, NY (DCA)

95.3 Empire Statesmen
93.6 Brigadiers
90.4 Buccaneers
79.7 Grenadiers
77.5 Crusaders
60.5 Les Dynamiques
59.7 Grey Knights

Saturday August 22
Manahawkin, NJ (GSC Championships)

Division I
90.9 Kips Bay Knight Club
90.5 Bayonne Raiders

Division II
84.8 Quest
79.6 Phoenix
74.6 Spirit of Newark

Division III
75.0 Cadets of Brooklyn
73.7 Latin Knights
73.0 Illusion
66.8 1st Defenders
63.1 William G. Lucas

Division IV
79.6 Imperial Guardsmen
74.6 Atlantic City Hurricanes

Thank you to Jason for these scores!

Montréal, QUE, Can (FAMQ)

Division I
81.95 Les Étoiles de Dorion-Vaudreuil
67.80 Les Sénateurs de Joliette

Division II
88.30 3e Régiment de Saint-Eustache
88.10 Stentors de Fleurimont
73.75 Impact de Dolbeau
69.60 Melomanes de Trois-Rivières

Division III
83.75 Arcs-en-ciel de Pointe-du-Lac
79.55 Sentinelles de Varennes
72.35 Pers-Clairs de St-Hyacinthe

Scranton, PA (DCA)

93.3 Empire Statesmen
91.6 Brigadiers
90.3 Caballeros
88.2 Buccaneers
83.6 Hurricanes
83.5 Sunrisers
78.6 Bushwackers
73.7 Crusaders

Statesmen - GE, Vis, Brass, DM, Guard
Buccaneers - Honor Guard, Percussion

Recap from Caballeros site

Thursday August 20
Montréal, QUE, Can (FAMQ)

Division I
64.50 Les Sénateurs de Joliette

Division II
82.20 Stentors de Fleurimont
71.35 Melomanes de Trois-Rivières
70.95 Impact de Dolbeau

Division III
77.05 Sentinelles de Varennes

Wednesday August 19
Joliette, QUE, Can (FAMQ)

Division I
65.00 Les Sénateurs de Joliette

Division II
85.30 3rd Regiment
80.25 Stentors de Fleurimont
67.90 Impact de Dolbeau
67.05 Melomanes de Trois-Rivières

Division III
72.03 Sentinelles de Varennes

Sunday August 16
Springfield, IL (DCM)

54.9 Racine Scouts
51.9 Memorial Lancers
45.3 Ainad Senior Corp
38.7 Kingsmen
24.6 Quiet Storm
N/A Marion Cadets (Bus broke down)

Saturday August 15
Orlando, FL (DCI World Championships)
Finals LineUp

5:00 PM Welcome/Div II/III Exhibitions
6:30 PM Carolina Crown
6:47 PM Colts
7:04 PM Bluecoats
7:21 PM Blue Knights
7:38 PM Phantom Regiment
7:55 PM Crossmen
8:12 PM Madison Scouts
8:29 PM Glassmen
8:46 PM The Cavaliers
9:03 PM Santa Clara Vanguard
9:20 PM Blue Devils
9:37 PM Cadets of Bergen County
9:54 PM Disney Special/GRAND FINALE

See DCI's Offical Recap

Read a Review

See DCI's WebCam

Thank you to Jason Drake & Daniel Reeves for emailing these Scores in from the stadium while the awards were in progress!


98.4 Cadets of Bergen County
97.9 Santa Clara Vanguard
97.7 Blue Devils
96.2 The Cavaliers
92.8 Glassmen
91.9 Madison Scouts
91.4 Crossmen
90.4 Phantom Regiment
89.5 Blue Knights
87.1 Bluecoats
85.7 Carolina Crown
85.3 Colts

High Captions:
M&M Perf
Visual Ensem
Gen Effect
Perc Perf
Music Ensem
Brass Perf
Best DM 
Disney Award
- Blue Devils
- Cadets
- Devils/Cadets TIE
- Cadets
- Vanguard
- Vanguard
- Blue Devils
- Brad Green, Cadets
- Cavaliers

Live Updates:

Reviews from the stadium by Dan & Jason:

5:00 PM - "It is already raining....and thunder can be heard in the distance, but all is going forward!"

5:10 PM - "Anthems finished, Yamato on field."

5:26 PM - "Rondinaro receives award for 20 yrs. Made funny Gowdy joke...Mandarins take the field!"

5:47 PM - "The bad weather has thankfully cleared. Spartans are setting up, volunteer awards and judge announcements now."

6:10 PM - "Hall of famers being announced, East Coast Jazz taking the field."

6:47 PM - "Crown - started tight 'n controlled, got loose 1/2 way through. The best we've heard from their brass so far, but still probably 12th. (Dan-o gives 85.9"

7:06 PM - "Colts - Emotional show, DM cried. Colts and Crown definitely still competing. (Dan-o sez 86.3"

7:19 PM - "Bluecoats - Very loud, raucous performance...a little out of control, but mmm good. (Dan scores 86.6"

7:35 PM - "Blue Knights - marching struggled early, rifles never dropped. Jason sezs: Makes the CD worth buying. (Dan sez: 89.7"

7:53 PM - "Phantom - great brass, most emotional show yet from them, marred by bad foot phasing. Jason thinks they beat BK. (Dan gives 89.7"

8:10 PM - "Crossmen - some foot-phasing, VERY energetic and well-received. (Dan scores 90.8"

8:12 PM - "While Madison was taking the field, the guy repainting the stripe (?) nearly got run over ;-)"

8:29 PM - "Scouts - no end of show surprises. Ouch, my hair is singed. Sorry, not competitive tonight, played for fans. Guard dirty, brass uncontrolled, still loved 'em. Jason sez guard looked sharp. (Dan gives 92.4"

8:44 PM - "Glassmen - Dan says all captions strong, don't understand why not scoring higher. Jason answers saying GM show not nearly as hard or complex as Cav, SCV, or CBC. (Dan's review: 93.9"

9:00 PM - "Cavaliers - Dan's review: dying to be a dark horse, guard awesome, drums deadly, little weak in brass. If they didn't rack it up in GE, my name is cucumber joe. Jason says Cucumber Joe overrated their music GE, not a contender. (Dan calls it 97.0"

9:17 PM - "Vanguard - Dan says me thinkum they did it. 1-2 brass boo-boos, will take best visual and percussion, staff very excited, they beleive. Specifically, Jason says they lacked blend between brass choirs, will hurt music GE, other captions excellent but have yet to prove better than BD or CBC. (Dan rates at 98.1"

9:34 PM - "Devils - Dan thinks weak sops and middle voices and mellos during soft spots. Maybe the best guard, but marching gaffes. Still, their best show this week. Jason sez perc not quite up to SCV. Intonation/control struggle on soft parts means brass not perfect but still the best, helps all categories. (Dan predicts 97.8"

9:59 PM - "Cadets - Dan's review: They let up for a millisecond, but otherwise virtually perfect. All previous bests bested, save brass. Great night.... crowd stillbuzzing like crazy. Jason thinks Music GE (almost) rivals BD, perc & visual give them the edge. Perc & visual equals SCV. Music GE gives the edge there. (Dan picks Cadets 98.5 "

10:43 PM - "Recap - Audience happy, they liked scv & cbc. The corps are milling about, big 'America the Beautiful' finale next, CBC DM's are right behind us."

10:53 PM - "Finale - Massed corps song was moving, fireworks afterwards was many times bigger than last year. Dan says re: top 3 'told you so'."

Kingston, NY (DCA)

92.30 Statesmen
90.40 Brigadiers
87.80 Caballeros
80.60 Hurricanes
75.30 Grenadiers
62.70 Generations

Recap from Caballeros site

Sunbury, PA (DCA)

88.3 Reading Buccaneers (Perc, GE)
86.8 Sunrisers (Brass, Vis)
76.2 Rochester Crusaders
64.4 Chieftians
58.9 Les Dynamics
54.1 Grey Knights

Ishpeming, MI (Seniors)

Show was an exhibition featuring:

Minnesota Brass

Friday August 14
Orlando, FL (DCI World Championships)
Semi-Finals LineUp

 4:45 PM   Introductions
 4:55 PM   Les Étoiles
 5:12 PM   Kiwanis Kavaliers
 5:29 PM   Boston Crusaders
 5:46 PM   Spirit of Atlanta
 6:03 PM   Magic of Orlando
 6:20 PM   Carolina Crown
 6:37 PM   Colts
 6:54 PM   Bluecoats
 7:11 PM   Phantom Regiment
 7:28 PM   BREAK
 8:00 PM   Blue Knights
 8:17 PM   Crossmen
 8:34 PM   Glassmen
 8:51 PM   Madison Scouts
 9:08 PM   The Cavaliers
 9:25 PM   Cadets of Bergen County
 9:42 PM   Santa Clara Vanguard
 9:59 PM   Blue Devils
10:16 PM   EXHIBITION - Heatwave
10:33 PM   I &  E Awards
10:45 PM   Scholarship Awards
10:50 PM   Finale - Drum Majors only

See DCI's Offical Recap

Semi-Finals Scores

98.0 Cadets of Bergen County
97.2 Blue Devils TIE!
97.2 Santa Clara Vanguard TIE!
96.3 The Cavaliers
93.7 Glassmen
92.2 Madison Scouts
91.7 Crossmen
90.5 Phantom Regiment TIE!
90.5 Blue Knights TIE!
88.6 Bluecoats
87.3 Colts
86.9 Carolina Crown
-------- All above go to Finals
85.0 Magic of Orlando
83.1 Spirit of Atlanta
81.2 Boston Crusaders
78.5 Kiwanis Kavaliers
76.9 Les Étoiles

Thank you to Jason Drake & Daniel Reeves for emailing these Scores in from the stadium while the show was in progress!

Dan's Report from the stadium at 7:25 pm est:
"Thus far, the skies have been threatening, but not a drop of rain has fallen. All corps are on tonight. Rondinaro is lounging up here with his family, in section 331. Nachos are good."

Thursday August 13
Orlando, FL (DCI World Championships)
Quarter-Finals LineUp

 3:00 PM   Introductions
 3:05 PM   Mandarins
 3:22 PM   Tarheel Sun
 3:39 PM   Patriots
 3:56 PM   Spartans
 4:13 PM   East Coast Jazz
 4:30 PM   Troopers
 4:47 PM   Les Étoiles
 5:04 PM   BREAK
 5:49 PM   Pioneer
 6:06 PM   Kiwanis Kavaliers
 6:23 PM   Boston Crusaders
 6:40 PM   Spirit of Atlanta
 6:57 PM   Magic of Orlando
 7:14 PM   Colts
 7:31 PM   Carolina Crown
 7:48 PM   Bluecoats
 8:05 PM   Phantom Regiment
 8:22 PM   BREAK
 8:39 PM   Crossmen
 8:56 PM   Blue Knights
 9:13 PM   Glassmen
 9:30 PM   Madison Scouts
 9:47 PM   The Cavaliers
10:04 PM   Cadets of Bergen County
10:21 PM   Santa Clara Vanguard
10:38 PM   Blue Devils
11:00 PM   FINALE - DM Only

See DCI's Offical Recap

Read the Reviews

Quarter-Finals Scores

97.4 Blue Devils
97.2 Santa Clara Vanguard
96.8 Cadets of Bergen County
95.1 The Cavaliers
92.5 Madison Scouts
91.8 Glassmen
90.1 Crossmen
89.3 Blue Knights
88.9 Phantom Regiment
88.5 Bluecoats
85.5 Colts
85.1 Carolina Crown
84.7 Magic of Orlando
83.2 Spirit of Atlanta
80.6 Boston Crusaders
79.2 Kiwanis Kavaliers
79.1 Les Étoiles
-------- All above go to Semi's
77.2 Pioneer
75.2 East Coast Jazz
73.4 Tarheel Sun
73.3 Patriots
73.0 Spartans
71.5 Mandarins
68.6 Troopers

Thank you to Daniel Reeves for emailing these Scores in from the stadium while the show was in progress!

Wednesday August 12
Orlando, FL (DCI World Championships)

Individual and Ensemble Competitions

97.8 Snare ...........................
93.3 Multi Tenor ...................
95.5 Multi Percussion .........
96.0 Timpani ........................
93.6 Keyboard .....................
99.4 Auxillary ........................
99.0 Flag ..............................
94.0 Contra ..........................
85.0 French Horn ................
97.0 Soprano .......................
98.0 Mellophone ..................
95.0 Baritone .......................

95.5 Mixed Ensemble .........
97.0 Percussion Ensemble
97.0 Bass Drum ..................
96.0 Cymbal Ensemble ......
99.0 Brass Ensemble .........

Phantom Regiment - Jeff Hassan
Glassmen - Todd Ohme
Santa Clara Vanguard - Bobby Lopez
Blue Knights - Robin Brannon
Santa Clara Vanguard - Vince Oliver
Madison Scouts - Todd Ditchendorf
Carolina Crown - Sean Cooney
Blue Devils - Satoshi Moromi
Blue Knights - John Eichelberger
Phantom Regiment - Shaun Slocum
Madison Scouts - Jacob Garlinger
Madison Scouts - Koichiro Suzuki

Santa Clara Vanguard
Santa Clara Vanguard
Santa Clara Vanguard
Magic of Orlando
Madison Scouts (#1)

See The Whole List
DCI's Offical Recap coming to see...

Tuesday August 11
Orlando, FL (DCI World Championships)
Division III Finals

93.8 Mandarins
93.3 Phantom Legion
89.9 Yamato
88.3 St. John's
85.7 Blue Stars
84.0 General Butler Vagabonds
83.4 Lone Star
81.5 Bayonne Raiders

Colorguard - Phantom Legion
High Visual - Mandarins
High GE - Phantom Legion
High Perc - Mandarins
High Brass - Phantom Legion
Disney Award - Vagabonds

Division II Finals

97.1 East Coast Jazz (TIE)
97.1 Spartans (TIE)
96.6 Patriots
96.3 Tarheel Sun
93.7 Vanguard Cadets

Colorguard - Patriots
High Visual - Patriots
High GE - Spartans
High Perc - Tarheel Sun
High Brass - Patriots
Disney Award - Patriots

DCI's Offical Recap

Monday August 10
Orlando, FL (DCI World Championships)
Division III Prelims

Top 8 (*) go on to the Finals

95.8 *Mandarins
95.7 *Phantom Legion
91.7 *St. John's
91.3 *Yamato
90.7 *Blue Stars
87.9 *Lone Star
86.6 *General Butler Vagabonds
86.2 *Bayonne Raiders
85.4 Citations
84.7 3rd Regiment
83.9 Lake Erie Regiment
81.9 Les Senateurs
78.4 Spectrum
76.2 Knight Storm
74.8 Conqueror II
74.7 Emerald Knights
73.4 Phoenix, NJ
72.6 Marion Cadets
70.0 Phoenix, MA
67.2 Racine Scouts
65.8 Illusion
65.5 Bandettes
62.6 The Volunteers
60.7 Cadets of Brooklyn
48.6 William Lucas

Thank you to Scott Jow for these Scores!

DCI's Offical Recap

Division II Prelims

Top 5 (*) go on to the Finals

95.0 *East Coast Jazz
94.6 *Spartans
94.5 *Tarheel Sun
94.3 *Patriots
90.9 *Vanguard Cadets
89.5 Jersey Surf
86.1 Capitol Sound
85.0 Americanos
83.8 Seattle Cascades
83.0 Allegiance Elite
81.8 Cincinatti Glory
72.1 Dutch Boy

DCI's Offical Recap

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