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Reunion Meal

The Sound Machine of the Inland Empire

2010 Sound Machine Reunion Party

This past year Facebook has brought many of our alumni back in touch with eachother and interest in a Reunion began to grow.  So here are the details... the Reunion Party is set for Saturday July 10th from 12 Noon to 5:00 PM at the North Hall of Magnolia Park at 15th Street and San Antonio Ave. in Upland.  (View Map)  The North Hall at Magnolia Park is where the Sound Machine held it's very first rehearsal way back in March of 1984!  Please send the URL to this page to any alumni you think would like to come.

The event will include Lunch, Refreshments, Music, Videos, Memorabilia and lots of fellowship!  The cost will be just to cover the food and facilities.  The price... $40 per Family (you plus your spouse and kids or a guest) or $20 per Person.  The menu will give you a choice between beef (tri-tip and hamburgers), chicken, or vegetarian meals, including all the usual side dishes and salads, plus drinks.  PLEASE fill of the form below so we can have enough food ready for the event.  The budget is pretty tight, so we don't want to have lots of left overs but we don't want to run out of food either!

Please fill out this RSVP form by July 9th so we can know that you are planning to attend.  Please list your family members and/or guests so we can have a head count for preparing meals.  (All fields with a * are required.)

Your Name *
Family / Guests
Years of Membership  (example 1984 - 1999)
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Please list the list the number of menu choices for you and your family/guests (choose from beef, chicken or vegetarian) so we can perpare enough food.
Menu Choices *

Please choose how you want to pay.  If you want to use PayPal there will be a link to submit payment on the next page, otherwise we will accept cash only at the door.  (PayPal will send the money to David Schaafsma's checking account since the band no longer has a bank account.)  Thank you!
Payment Type I will use PayPal     I will pay at the door (cash)

Many former percussionist have stated that they would like to visit Tim Achin's grave site while they are in town, this month is the 20th Anniversary of his passing.  If you want to attend, please indicate below your first and second choice for a time for this visit.  We will contact those interested with the time that is chosen.
First Choice Thursday Afternoon July 8th
Friday Morning July 9th
Friday Afternoon July 9th
Saturday Morning July 10th (before Party)
Second Choice Thursday Afternoon July 8th
Friday Morning July 9th
Friday Afternoon July 9th
Saturday Morning July 10th (before Party)
Validation      To prevent automated submissions this form requires you to enter the validation code shown in the image on the left into the text box.


Thank you for submitting your RSVP for the 2010 Sound Machine Reunion.

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