Musical Repertoires - Past and Present

Colorfull Notes and Staff Lines

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1997 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1997 Field Show is taken from various soundtracks of "Cirque du Soleil." Check their web site at

The opener is "Quidam" and Eclipse"
The second production is "Irna"
The ballad is "Quidam"
"Bascule" is the percussion feature
The closer is "Frisco" and "Eclipse"

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1996 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1996 Field Show is taken from the soundtrack of the 1978 movie version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," based on the album by the "Beatles." The movie created a story, using characters from the Beatles songs, and incorporated many other Beatles tunes into the soundtrack. The songs were arranged and performed by various artists, including the Bee Gee's, Peter Frampton, Earth, Wind & Fire, and even George Burns.

"With a Little Help From My Friends and Here Comes The Sun"
"She’s Leaving Home" and "Oh! Darling"
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (Percussion) and "Got to Get You Into My Life"
"A Day in a Life" and "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band"

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1995 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1995 Field Show is a unique combinaton of New Age and Classic Rock music. After watching the video of his "Live at the Acropolis" concert, we deciced that the music of "Yanni" would make an interesting mix with the classic tunes from the rock group "Yes". We have tried carefully to weave a tapistry of sound, opening our show, as Yanni opened his concert, with "Santorini". Weaving into this powerful tune many of different colors of Yes and other highlights from Yanni. We hope you enjoy our creation! Y ask Y?

"Santorini" Introduction - Yanni
"Leave It" and " Yours is No Disgrace" - Yes
"The Meeting" and "Santorini" (middle section) - Yes / Yanni
"Standing in Motion" (Percussion Feature) - Yanni
"Leave It" and "Santorini" Closer - Yes / Yanni

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1994 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1994 Field Show continues our portrayal of Classic Rock music. We have, for the last several years, explored the music of artists such as Elton John, Queen, Styx and Peter Gabriel. With this years show, we chose to explore American Rock, Classic and Contemporary. Going back to the mid-1970's, we were inspired to create our opening production, by the tasty writing of the group "Kansas". Our staff found a young group, that has a great new style, with a classic background, and decided that "Dream Theater" should close our show. We hope you enjoy!

"Song for America" - Kansas
"Surrounded" - Dream Theater
"Metropolis - Part 1" (Percussion Feature) - Dream Theater
"Surrounded" (Finale) - Dream Theater

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1993 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1993 Field Show continues our portrayal of Classic Rock music. We have, for the last several years, explored the music of artists such as Elton John, Queen and Styx. This years show reflects back to our past encounter with Queen and explores, in more detail, Queen's Classic Rock style. We have also integrated into our presentation, an interesting use of the contemporary(destined to be Classic) rock sounds of Peter Gabriel. These Classic Rock styles have, in a real sense, become today's World Music!

"Sledge Hammer" and "Shock the Monkey" - Peter Gabriel
"Love of My Life" - Queen
"Rhythm of the Heat" (Percussion) - Peter Gabriel
"In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel
"Was It All Worth It?" and "The Show Must Go On!" - Queen

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1992 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1992 Field Show is a portrayal of a crowd leaving a STYX concert at the Paradise Theater. The crowd find street musicians playing some of the music from the concert, the crowd jumps in, and the jam session begins.

"A.D. 1928" - "Mr. Roboto" - "Light Up" - "Loreli"
Percussion Solo - "Foolin' Yourself"
"Crystall Ball" - "Rockin' the Paradise" - "Pieces of Eight"
"Show Me the Way" - "The Grand Finale"

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1991 Field Show

The Sound Machine's 1991 Field Show features musical styles that are truely American. They include Gospel, Jazz, Popular(Rock), and Latin. These styles influence the musical tastes of an entire continent!

"Make His Praise Glorious" - a Sandi Patty classic
"Goodbye Yesterday" - from Buddy Rich's Big Band
"Unchained Melody" - from the movie "Ghost"
"Malaguena" - a Latin standard


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