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Allentown thoughts

Post by NickM » Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:42 am

Some thoughts after my weekend in Allentown nothing really technical just my opinions.

I love Madison's show. I like how they come onto the field with the voice cadence and I love the off the line old school style. But as everyone else said it is lacking something. It got one of the best fan ovations of the weekend but when the show was done I felt it needed something more.

Blue Devils - I actually like the show this year. I liked the arrangement of the music. I could do without the props. The drumline is insanely clean.

Crown - I am a big fan of the show. Crowns brass is awesome as usual. The drumline is dragging them down. They were clean in the park but I don't know if there are issues when they march it or the judges just don't like the drum book. I'd like to see them win this year.

Cadets - I like the music but just seems like they took an SCV and Star show and mixed them together. The show is well executed. The ending didn't do it for me. I remember sitting there and saying ok that's it

SCV - I figured that I wouldn't like the show because Les Mis has been done to many times before. With that being said I really like the show. I think they have a shot at passing Cadets for 3rd.

Bluecoats - Like the music but hate the props.

Cavies - I like the concept of the show. I love the drumline. the show just needs better execution. I wonder if they are a younger group this year with more rookies than vets.

Boston - Liked the show. My 6 year old son apprieciated the (how to train your dragon) music. I liked the uniform change.

Phantom - Brass is good but the show didn't really excite me.

Crossmen, Colts, Troopers, Jersey Surf , Spirit, Academy and Mandarins - All had moments I liked. I am looking forward to seeing some of these again in the theater on Thursday.

I liked the addition of the TOC show on Sunday. I didn't go to the show it self but I did wander around the park to watch warmups.

BD and Crown are going to have a great battle in Indy. SCV and Cadets will be a good one to watch as well. I love it when it's close and not a runaway.

On a side note - It appeared that the City of Allentown had finally gotten a handle on the geese issue. I didn't see any geese until Sunday. I also didn't have to dodge all the goose land mines like I usually do.

Overall it was a great drum corps weekend. I spent too much money at the souvie stands as usual but it's for a good cause. Good crowd and good shows. I feel that any summer weekend I can spend immersed in drum corps is a good weekend.
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