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Post by Jim Anello » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:22 pm

SCVBaritone wrote:I sure do Mags,The Blue Stars were one of my all time favorite corps. They had a strong hornline especially when the played "Hall of the Mountain King" for concert(I was standing right on the sidelines) and the Trolley Song out of concert. Their baritones and soprano line were awesome and who could forget that flag and rifle line. I'm not sure what show it was and I don't think we placed first but we ended up a few tenths higher than the Blue Stars and placed either fifth or sixth the Kilts and Cavies were the top corps in 1969 along with Troopers, Boston Crusaders and Des Plaines Vanguard. That was my first tour and we were finally competing against those corps I had always listened to on Fleetwood Albums and now it was a reality. Great memories,except I can't place where that show was....cobwebs. Someone out there knows.

State Fair Show in Milwaukee? Racine? Seems to me the first time I saw SCV was at one of those shows in 1969.
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Post by Maggie » Sat Jul 07, 2007 8:46 am

Well, I'm looking at their tour schedule and after checking the Corpsrep site, it says they lost to Blue Stars in Delevan, WI on 8/8 and again at Racine on 8/9. From then on it's the "Big" shows and no way did they come close.

It's funny because I distinctly remember how cool it was for them. But as Benji says, the mind does grow fuzzy. Maybe it was an unscheduled show that SCV stepped into and isn't on Corpsreps or their tour schedule.

I just remember that they were staying at an armory and that it was the first time I met Benji, a good friend of my Sister. Anyone else have any info that can confirm? Now I'm beginning to wonder... :hum:
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Post by SCVBaritone » Thu Jul 12, 2007 3:24 pm

Hey Mags, I think the big deal for us that year was the World Open Championships at Manning Bowl and I believe we placed 12th, good enough to get on the fleetwood album. My greatest memory of that show was the Des Plaine Vanguard's opener with the mellophone siren in Aquarius and Blue Rock's Baby Elephant walk. I was in drum corps heaven that night......memories

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