DCI: After the Police Show Up

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Roberto Sumatra-Bosch
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DCI: After the Police Show Up

Post by Roberto Sumatra-Bosch » Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:39 pm

Drum corps people,

No one in law enforcement cares that George Hopkins thinks he is a legend or that other people think he is in any way exceptional.

To them, Hopkins is a guy who got away with running a sex slave operation he cultivated in the development of two non-profit organizations, YEA and DCI, for decades somehow avoiding detection and discipline by two boards of directors.

The victimization of the women is, thankfully, far afield from the essential thesis statement that will direct their investigations. No, what the FBI and the AG's office working the third circuit will be looking at is GH and his boards' relationships and how they were influenced by GH's capacity to manipulate the instrument manufacturers and uniform fabricators and whatever gain he was able to command from them.

Here's what will happen next:

FBI SAC Philadelphia or one of his deputies reads the paper and wonders how the CEO of a sizeable NGO (YEA) and once a treasurer of a fairly large NGO (DCI) got away with running a virtual sex slave operation for decades with no board intervention or discipline on record at all.

His guys make some phone calls and find out that the whole activity is more or less a promotional platform for the instrument manufacturers and uniform fabricators with whom GH seems to have special relationships.

Then the SAC has to make a decision on mapping all this to appropriate law to sell the case to the right assistant AG in the third circuit, calls up to McSwain's office and see who of his crowd he can interest in this story.

Once the SAC knows the desk where the file will fall, he gets his guys together to open the formal investigation.

At that point, GH will need to get fitted for a wedding dress to entertain his new friends in a federal penitentiary.

The hard question right now, for which there is no clear answer, is if the case will be venue'd in PA or Indiana. The agents will have to figure out which AG's office will give them the best ride after they establish the criminal nexus conclusively.

Really, no one cares how many press releases or videos DCI or its munchkins issue.

Board members of YEA and DCI should all get lawyers individually or consider expatriation to nations without formal extradition treaties with the United States.

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