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Photo Gallery

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2002 2:36 am
by Hostrauser
How about a forum photo gallery page where people could upload one real photo of themselves for all to see? I'm often curious as to what the posters on the other end of the keyboard look like.

Yes, I suppose we could use the Avatar, but that's an awfully small field. Besides, some of us are quite whimsical and like to change avatars every month or two. (Although, on a related note, I've thought about not resizing my picture and just having a big eyeball for my avatar. That would be funny.)

The gallery would be a more permanent thing, limited to registered users, of course, and each person that chose to submit would be limited to submitting only one photo of no more than 50kb in size. This would at least keep the disk space to a managable size (no more than 10MB if we managed to get 200 users involved). Well, so says I. It's not my disk space or bandwidth involved here, though.

Thoughts? Dave, would this be at all feasible?


Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2002 9:16 am
by Bandmaster
I'll check in to that idea, a good one too! At phpBB thet post new mods and hacks to this forum software all the time, maybe someone has already created one just for us?